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Scàl's Broch

A one bedroom hide-away with a huge living space and a very large bathroom and sauna, costs £1560.00 per week during high season from 4 April to 24 October 2019. It is quite possible to rent from, say, a Monday, and to depart the following week on a Wednesday, or whatever suits you best. You can also book a short stay of less than a week, with a minimum of two days, but please consider that we can accept two and three day bookings only at our discretion to fit in with overall booking patterns. The daily rates vary depending on the length of your stay. Just drop us a note, and we let you know.

Gille Buidhe's Broch

A two bedroom luxury home second to none that can be extended to contain three bedrooms for families, is available, depending on the length of your stay, at a sliding daily rate from of £267.00 and at a weekly rate of £1872 during high season. The minimum stay is two days. All our prices are inclusive of VAT, electricity, unlimited use of the sauna, WiFi broadband, linen, toiletries, towels and so on. We don't believe in charging extras for nonsense.

In April and May, as well as in September and October until the beginning of low season, we offer a 10% discount from the standard rate for weekly lets in Gille Buidhe's Broch, so the total cost for one week is just £1686.

Autumn & Winter Special Offers


In autumn and winter, the sun creeps low over the horizon and bathes the landscape in an ever changing light - a light that you would not experience anywhere else. It is a time of the year when not many visitors venture that far north. We think it can be the most rewarding time.

The optical phenomena of nature are quite something else. The panoramic windows of The Brochs of Coigach give you the feeling of being outdoors, though you are sitting perfectly cosy in your living room. At this time of the year, we are quite a bit cheaper, too. As they say at Tesco's, every little bit helps. Until 4 April 2020, Scàl’s Broch costs £984.00 per week, with 3 day breaks for £504.00.

Our weekly off-season rate in Gille Buidhe’s Broch comes to just £1224.00, with daily rates starting at £175.00,

Over the Christmas and New Year period, the high season rates apply.

Dog Matters


We are mad about our dogs. Max is a working collie, Tilly tries to follow in his footsteps, and Alfie is a pretty useless border terrier. We love them to bits. We understand that you don't want to leave your dog at home when you come to have a wonderful time at The Brochs of Coigach. We wouldn't. He or she can have so much fun with you, in particular on the beach. So if you stay in Gille Buidhe's Broch, your dog is as welcome as you are. We are, however, sure you will understand that we keep Scàl’s Broch pet-free for guests who are allergic to animals. There are of course a few ground rules. Your pooch mustn't enter the bedrooms. He or she is as careful as you are with all The Brochs' belongings and doesn't scratch, or jump on, furniture. He or she doesn't worry sheep. And you clean up his or her poo. But you would do that anyway, so why do I mention it? Oh, and please let us know in advance if you intend to bring a pet. There is a small extra charge, £12 per dog per day.

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