What is there to do?

Do you really need to ask? If you are still not sure, you could...

... play cello on the roof, be arty, go fly fishing with James Curley ..take a boat trip on the "Isabella" or go kayaking. There are loads of hills to climb. If you are looking for a guide, ask Tim Hamlet

You could of course always just light the stove and look out of the window. You never know what might appear. A couple of stags, dolphins or a sea eagle. Surrounding The Brochs, there is wildlife in abundance. Seals are nearly as ubiquitous as deer. There are also killer whales, aka orca and all kinds of rare twitcheable birds.

Mind you, one of the best things to do is just a walk on the beach without the stress of "doing things". Just you and nobody else. 

Be warned, though! There is no television in The Brochs. There are too many other things to do than to watch TV. You get a far better view looking out of the window. And, to be honest, we hate TV. But there is a first class WiFi connection, so you don't have to go without Facebook or whatever else you use to download or upload or share your experiences with...

Foodie stuff


If you want to be your own master chef, there is a superbly equipped kitchen in each Broch with complimentary goodies and gourmet ingredients.

We provide you with finest Cullisse Highland Rapeseed Oil and two varieties of Orkney Craft Vinegar. On the other side, if you prefer someone else to do the cooking for you, there are places to go to within two miles from The Brochs.


SALT Seafood Kitchen is the latest and trendiest addition to being catered for. They create a kind of pop-up restaurant just for you in your Broch, if that is what you are looking for. You get in touch with them at saltseafoodevents@outlook.com and they arrange your dinner, either delivered to your door or served to you by Suzie and Eppie.

am fuaran.png

The Am Fuaran Bar is a genuine Scottish boozer with tables at the back where you get honest pub fare of the best kind.


The Summer Isles Restaurant is a posh place where dinners take up all evening with five or six courses. It's quite pricey. They've also got a gastro pub at the side of the hotel. And for a really nice cake during the day, you could always visit Lesley's Piping School Café. So you see, there is something for everyone.