Gille Buidhe’s Broch


Gille Buidhe and Scàl were two brothers who are said to have been the first people to settle Coigach, the remote peninsula in the northwest of Scotland where we live. You can take that with a pinch of salt. But it's a nice tale. From the sea, the abodes that we named after them look just like parts of the rugged landscape.

The big brother

Gille Buidhe's Broch gives you a Broch experience on a large scale. Two bedrooms, two sitting rooms, enough for a couple that likes loads of space, for two couples or for families. Some people rent both Brochs for family holidays.



We designed The Brochs as houses where we would love to live ourselves. Ours isn't half as swish.

The bedrooms are out of this world. Unusual would be the understatement of the second decade of our century. Oil paintings by Scotland's top modern artist John Bellany hang on the walls. Elsewhere, there are display cabinets with weird and wonderful finds. You get the gist - it's all arty and a bit quirky inside...

We were looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy fabulous scenery. We got fabulous scenery, fabulous lodgings, awesome art and time to appreciate it. Thank you for having the vision and then letting us experience it!
— Catriona and Andrew, Inverness

Scàl’s Broch


The little brother.

If you think stones, you probably think of something cold and clammy.  Scàl's Broch is anything but. Underfloor heating, open plan kitchen, a dining and sitting area that is 8 metres long and 6 metres wide. So it’s not little by any stretch of the imagination, either. A  huge bedroom. Equally big, the bathroom. A sauna. All warm and cozy. And all around you, pictures by some of Britain's and Northern Europe’s best artists.


And the bathrooms! They really are quite something else,  each with their own sauna. Needless to say that you will sleep on the kind of super-comfortable mattress that Gleneagles and Inverlochy Castle Hotel use. Do we even have to mention that there is underfloor heating throughout The Brochs? Inside: cool but also mega cozy. Or, as we say these days, hygge. So hygge that it get's your creativity going, even if it's with your smartphone...

Scàl’s Broch will always have a special place in the hearts of my fiancee and I, as it’s where I asked her to marry me as she watched a little bunny munch while seated at the expansive windows overlooking the bay. Thank you for hosting us and being a part of a lifelong memory.
— Larry, US